What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is basically regular concrete with added color, texture or patterns that is imprinted in the concrete while it is wet.

What are common uses of stamped concrete?

Common uses are: driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks & interior floor slabs.

What colors are available?

There is a huge array of colors. Our staff will provide you with a color chart & help you with your decision.

What patterns are available?

CBD has 13 different patterns in stock & an array of specialty stamps such as compass, radius cobblestone & border stamps. If we do not have a particular pattern you want, we will gladly purchase it.

Do the colors fade?

No, we only use integral color which is liquid color added to the cement mix at the concrete plant. The concrete is colored throughout, not just the surface.

What is the maintenance?

We recommend resealing every 2 years to keep your stamped concrete beautiful. This will protect against the suns UV rays & the freeze/thaw cycle & restore your concretes appearance. Homeowners can reseal the concrete themselves or we can come out & reseal your concrete for you at a competitive rate.

Is it slippery?

It can be, depending on the pattern & the texture. Patterns that have less depth & texture are more prone to being slippery. However, we install a slip resistant additive in our sealer on every project, greatly improving traction.

Will my concrete crack?

All concrete is prone to cracking. Concrete By Design takes several steps to reduce random cracking. First is to insure we are pouring on a solid base. We install rebar & fiber mesh in every project. We only use 4000 PSI mix and we limit the amount of water added to the concrete when pouring. We never spray water on the surface when finishing, we saw cut control joints as required and we never pour in bad weather.

Why should I have CBD install my concrete?

Decorative concrete requires extreme attention to detail. Everything from the base under the concrete to the sealer. Insuring consistent patterns throughout the pad requires experience. The biggest thing that sets us apart is that we install decorative concrete on a daily basis, not once a month like our competitors. We don't do polished concrete, concrete countertops, concrete walls or even build houses. We only do decorative concrete.

What questions should I ask perspective contractors?

The most important things to ask are, how much experience do they have in decorative concrete, do they primarily stamp concrete or do they mainly do plain concrete. Most companies offer stamped concrete installation but it is not their main business. There is an art to decorative concrete that only comes from experience & attention to detail. Always ask for references.

Do you provide references?

Yes, absolutely. We hardly ever advertise. Our customers are our best advertisement.

Are you licensed & insured?

We are licensed VA contractor, carry workmans comp & liability insurance.